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He claims to be the finalist of the Mauricio Macri Monumental – 11/11/2013


Mauricio Macri tried to do it stay scandal and the political cost of the explanation of the Government of the city, the resignation of the Martín Ocampo security department in Buenos Aires.

Conmebol's announcement that a new investment against Rosebate Etxebarria was set up to take off the river River Boca, where repairs take place. discomfort of the president: In private, he questioned Alexander Dominguez and sent his opinion to officials outside "It will be played in Argentina" And in the Monumental, although in Balcarce in the 50s, they emphasized that there is no South American confederation defined.

Rodolfo D & # 39; Onofrio President Luque Asuncion has left the hotel near the Conmebol headquarters in Paraguay. Photo: Maxi Failla

Rodolfo D & # 39; Onofrio President Luque Asuncion has left the hotel near the Conmebol headquarters in Paraguay. Photo: Maxi Failla

"He does not want to win the Boca River in 2015 (Pepper gas range), it seemed tough and now it is necessary to play in the Riverside ", one of his collaborators, after the statement signed by Domínguez, Conmebol argued "Not cautious" The Argentine attack on Saturday on the Monumental site of violence.

"Two years ago, Mar del Plata, Mendoza, Córdoba, were two superclassic courts in Morocco," Casa Rosada rejected the argument. Likewise, the most important first-legged events in Bombon and bus attacks in other parts of the world, such as England's reference.

"It's not just here"After two ministers held a cabinet meeting, the arrests forced the arrest of the Boca micro and other deviations.

In this way, Macri stayed in this case Facing Daniel Angelici's position and Rodolfo D & # 39; Onofrio closer, and even River owner at the head of state in the middle of the conflict over the final ruling.

The government would bring a blow to the country's changes It's impossible to organize a party without violence Present-day officials. The Lehendakari's initial request was a far-reaching scenario, when fans announced the first part and the way to the breeze.

However, the government can see it outside of the final resolution, as was the case with the execution of a failed executing party. The President has put it fierce incident, despite the fact that the displaced Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Ocampo, a displaced minister, were due to the city's security. The Pink House, meanwhile, wanted to distribute super-classical violence and grotesque saga, along with the organization of the G20 starting Thursday.

"When Conmebol defines it, and decides if it will be played in Buenos Aires guarantee operational security As it was done in the Boca Court, "said Diego Santilli, vice-president of the Buenos Aires government and currently in charge of the Security Ministry. bugle.

On Monday, at Casa Rosada, the president dismissed the champion of freedom on the field: "The head of the Government is studying and watching how will you perfection? (operative) for the day of the game ".

Following the change in the headquarters of the Balcarce 50, they did not disappoint in Buenos Aires, and the "non-repetition errors" that stopped the Saturday offered special attention.

In the Cabinet meeting, Patricia Bullrich also described Barrabravas' illegal business as a way to treat Executives in a separate session to send them to the Congress.

From the beginning the Government appealed River Barren reaction hypotheses On Friday, Héctor Caverna Godoy headquarters and another 300 tickets and seven million pesos were discovered.

Rodríguez Larreta has suspended the match and then joined the national ministers. If the authors asserted that the Monumental reorganization exists, it will be different.

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