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He created the WhatsApp group with all his girlfriends, for a specific reason

December 29, 2019

The man called all the members of the same group but did not expect the result of that experience. Look what happened.

Ex girlfriends

It was created by a young man WhatsApp conversation group all her ex girlfriends, supposedly wanting ChristmasHowever, his answers were unexpected. Identified as a man tomIt seemed like a unique opportunity to create a group of conversations Old couples rebuilt their relationship or at least I go to sleep at night.

The subject was about Christmas, and that's why he started talking I lost them and He thought it was a good idea Make the group share memories.

Everything started at 10:38 a.m. in the post: "Christmas girls, I think maybe you want to share my memories with you. I'm alone this year and I've all lostHe called "WhatsApp", the "Merry X-mas".

Ex Girlfriends 1

Some women left their greetings without answering greetings, they took their mood, But others started discussing. The girl named Bella, who deceived them by asking them to join the group.

This led to the old hatred and brought light scams or "misunderstood" that's it beauty He believes that, as Stephe explained, Tom said they were no longer together, and therefore he warned of fractures.

However Bella responded to her on Facebook and never reviewed it, apparently wrong, he was called sharp, he thought he deceived. But who Surprise was GemmaHe was surprised at a conversation and who he was Yes, in the end he agreed to leave him.

The country of origin of the protagonists was not known, The conversation was viral In fact, oddly enough, many people would never match her husband.

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