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He did not vaccinate his son to the chicken and the nightmare

The Venezuelan anti-vaccine mother has said how her children could not survive forever without the rogue.

He's talking about the Atari blog Question mother He told the childhood story that he had not vaccinated the vaccine without thinking about his childhood health. However, I was much worse than I thought.

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Anti-vaccines: history of varicose veins

"We decided to not include our children against this illness, we consulted with the pediatrician and said that it was a personal decision. There was no risk in any way," he said.

However, their children were hospitalized, but the situation worsened. The woman realized that she had paralyzed her baby's half face.

"After two years," everything has happened, "my son cries, feeling uneasy to be in the chest. When I looked at him while breastfeeding, I noticed that he did not have a breast in his mouth. I look at it very well and face down half I see it, "he said.

They went back to the hospital and found it Ramsay Hunt SyndromeIt is the same virus that causes it. When the disease is healed, the virus becomes inactive, but if it reacts, the syndrome occurs.

Chickenpox vaccine greatly reduces the syndrome. This causes hearing loss in one's ear, because the cell's beehive is one of the nerve facial in the ear.

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