Monday , July 4 2022

He died in Spain, escaped and arrested on the Argentinean grill


José Luis Gallego Sánchez, at the age of 40, was arrested in Argentina during the Interpol operation, along with the Spanish Guardia Civil, he was killed by his partner in the city of Castellón next day. .

The murderer was identified when he tried to enter a grill, located in Santa Catarina, 6027, in Posadas, in the province of Misiones.

He accused the man of stealing his partner and escaping from his country. "This rich crime could not be penalized, in the interests of Interpol's criminal investigation and police co-ordination, to find out the fugitive locations where it should be placed at the hands of Justice," said Patricia Bullrich, security minister, who describes specific Policies for Security Secretary Eugenio Burzaco.

The body of Eva Bou Flore, when the Spanish authorities discovered it, had a deep-cut wound caused by a white weapon.

The Fugitivos Federal Research Department officials began to search in the country, who learned the presence of Spanish escaped prisoner violence.

The murderer became a commercial flight lawyer and stayed for three days at a hotel in La Plata.

Sánchez is an ex-legionary of the Spanish army, training and instruction to bring military and military action.

The federal court and court of Posadas led by Dr. Veronica Skanata, Dr. Fierro ordered the arrest of the detainee before the 3rd Secretary in the POSADAS Delegation, then to complete the extradition process in Spain.

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