Wednesday , October 20 2021

He had a 1% chance of surviving and getting him!


The baby was born in the morning and had only 1% of life in the intestine from an infection. However, doctors surprised their evolution.

In Indiana, a US couple had a baby immediately, within six months and the intestines were destroyed with infections. Rowan, small, the chance of survival was 1%, however.

The father said that the intestine did not eat or grow. "It was too small for the transplant, it was like a death penalty." He was the baby Necrotizing EnterocolitisMost aggressive disease is earlier.

Parents looked for opinions from other experts in other clinics, one of them suggested the possibility of transplantation. Four days later, during the surgery room, doctors were shocked again: the deep intestine was in good condition.

After five months, Rowan He retrieved it and went home. "Since all this has been seen, I believe that my son is a miracle"said the father with enthusiasm. Children still have regular therapies and check-ups, but they are already in danger.

Many babies have this blue, but … what is it?

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