Friday , September 24 2021

He has traveled all over the world, and now he is on the coast of Argentina: the vacation at Mirko Beach

Driver La Voz Argentina Shared and smallest from its Instagram account, The small postcard of mini-holidays in the Pinamar baby and immediately received "thousands of" comments.

"Inspecting in the forest", Written by Alejandro Wiebe, along with the image of a one-month-old boy in a year, with a very kannada, jean and jacket, in socks: "Enough, I'm hard, "" Always beautiful, "" Fat, Ay, "" Bello, "" The perfect baby "and" Ojos de cielo, te como "There were some opinions from social networking users.

From Buenos Aires to Pinamar, Mirko entertained by listening to songs by Maria Elena Walsh: "They are a great reminder of the issues and they are a great composer, "Marley wrote along with her and her baby photo.

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