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He learned that he had a tumor in his brain with a car accident

After an accident he suffered at the age of 15, Drew Gunby saved his life

In life Drew Gunby, there are no coincidences. At the age of 15, the young native of Texas suffered a car accident, allowing him to treat time. tumor an evil brain

Then, Drew The truck left behind on the front. The young man has taken him to an emergency room to withstand his chin, injuries and good care. "It was the worst pain in my life, my chin was burning", said the young man is now 21 years old.

"After five minutes on the way, the driver lost control of his car and started from 80 km / h left to right. I flipped into the fence and fled from the rear seats"he remembered Drew.

He added: "The car of the windshield was completely destroyed. I cut my chin and receive the points that were taken to the hospital. I was the only traveler who needed medical attention".

Once approved, the young man suffered a CT scan to discourage internal harm, but they found it tumor 5.5 cm brain at least two years old. Thanks to "stroke luck", the doctors retired tumor without going back

"If I did not have an accident, the tumors would grow without symptoms for a long time", indicate agility Drew and add: "There is still something I am currently emotionally and emotionally processing, from now on I do not give anything."

January end Drew The sixth anniversary of surgery was released from cancer. "I have fulfilled my own goals and changed my point of view as I see life"He wrote on Facebook and added: "What the hell is cancer!"

Amazing dancer, who continues to dance a tumor in his brain

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