Thursday , October 21 2021

He made five million kilometers in five years without changing the engine and gave it a mark of 0 km


Americans have an average of 14 miles a year, but Farrah Haines has gone a bit: It reached a million miles (Equivalent to 609 344 km) within five years or 200 thousand years.

She is an American woman living in Haines, Kansas, and car parts and other products. He bought his first Hyundai Elantra in 2013, and from that year on Maintains the original mechanics Beyond kilometer kilometers.

Since the Korean brand has been decided create two special symbols In regard to these types of cases and to Hainese, the odometer and the patents. In the first case it has 1M acronym (one million).

Haines and his plaque reminded them of millions. When he passed, he took 0 km.
Haines and his plaque reminded them of millions. When he passed, he took 0 km.

The record for this Hyundai driver was so amazing, though somewhat skeptical: brand engineer Odometer, motor and wiring inspected In fact, it's been thousands of miles ago. They also consulted with the company they work!

Before the positive results of the analyzes, the decision of the Asian automaker staff was unanimous: They gave him a copy of 0 km. They gave them a surprise while they were giving birth.

"It was a great car", Haines said that he was melancholy to get rid of his help in the last million kilometers. And he made it clear that getting to the problem was a key issue "regular maintenance priority".

1M, a special emblem for Hyundai.
1M, a special emblem for Hyundai.
It's the key to reaching millions
The key to reaching millions is "prioritizing maintenance".
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