Sunday , June 13 2021

He paid for the broken glass of Ocampo | Minister owe …

After losing the Brazilian security operation after the end of the suspension of the Libertadores, the resignation of the Buenos Aires security minister, Martín Ocampo, left the Argentine prosecutor's office, resigned. The federations that participated in the operations were overtaken by the officers without success, as they responded to Patricia Bullrich. President Mauricio Macri argued for his minister. Instead, and a few days before the G20 summit, Diego Santilli will be sworn in as Vice-Minister of Justice and Security, Government and Security. The security secretary, Marcelo D & # 39; Alessandro, confirmed his position.

Bullrich and Ocampo shook the weekend with the operation that failed each other. According to the city, events occurred in 3 Ring security, and Prefecture informed the minister about the strength. After interviewing the Lehendakari, Larreta assumed full responsibility for what happened to him. Ocampo finished at the beginning, because Larreta was less than 24 hours old. In the middle, something has changed.

In addition to Macri, yesterday, Marcos Peña, the head of the staff, said the officials of Buenos Aires were blamed for the operation: "It is for the City, but we are members of the same group," said the minister coordinator.

Prior to the decision of exception, the Secretary of Safety of D & D decided to lower the internal tone. "It's not a particular falling or saying someone, we're in charge of it," said D & # 39; Alessandro. Boca Juniors player took the place where he was attacked by the coach "did not stop" people who were concentrated on the corner and "passed" the security.

Later, the resignation of Ocampo was the favorite lawyer of Boca Angelici, who is the father of his son. Ocampo was a Buenosairean lawmaker, Macri who defended himself from the spot, allegations of illegal spies and a research commission, trying to push his political trial. When he received a radical background from the University of Australia, Ocampo did not question the defense of his political leadership, to get him out of the office. He played like a real soldier.

Then, Ocampo underwent the abovementioned Mayor of the City, where Macroeconomics policies against street sales were pushed. Together with Larreta, he left the prosecutor and was appointed Justice and Security Minister. He stayed for three years, and therefore was in charge of the demonstrations with Patricia Bullrich. Bullrich always demanded more repression.

"He had to jump on some fights", the Buenos Aires government justified the decision, where most performed the departure of Ocampo for Bullrich's victory. "He decided to leave pressure products" Parque Patricios made it clear. However, if Ocampo maintained a new line of the Security Ministry, it was not only for his will: Larreta decided that there was no fight against the first demonstration, that is to say, could have an obstacle to the Political Career (everyone knows: Presidency dreams of Larreta). The future of Ocampo is not written: as authorized by the Attorney General, the power of the State of Buenosaire can be directed, until now it has continued to drive Luis Cevasco. In the vicinity, they did not intend to return to this position.

Santilli (an important leader in Cambiemos), while maintaining this ministry, continues as the deputy chairman, the Security Minister will have a counterweight for discussing and pressing the city.

Larreta gave a second press conference and said: "I have accepted the resignation of Ocampo. I appreciate the commitment of these years". His management made a positive assessment, and he did not give reasons for the resignation.

"Most of the political leaders of the Government, Diego Santilli, will take the position of security minister," said the head of the government. The functions of the responsible government will be under the responsibility of another civil servant, Secretary of Public Development, Matias López. "I confirmed my vocation to continue the fight against barrabravas, I see my eyes investigating Justicia, it's down to justice," said Larreta. The Congress adopted an anti-violence initiative. "I think the president refuses to be a lawyer against a bar," stressed Larreta. On the other hand, Santilli said: "We have ratified the comprehensive security plan, for us, the comprehensive security plan is our main concern."

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