Tuesday , January 18 2022

He proclaimed his wife's wife $ 300,000 as a child's father's biologist


After a 20-year-old man discovered that he did not have children's biological father. A doctor told him that he had come from birth. Now the judge ordered his former wife Richard Mason You pay a fine of $ 318,000.

After a tough legal fight, women can keep the real name of their father's secret. Mason, meanwhile, never agreed to cross it, I did not question the second time, since children were not really. Doctors diagnosed a cystic fibrosis, a hereditary illness, due to infertility in this case.

He was afraid of a DNA test: he was not the biological father of the 23-year-old son and two twin sons. Mason divorced his wife's wife Kate in 2007. In 2016, when he learned of being infertile and confronted him, he confessed that he was unfaithful.

Mason believes that the same man had occurred in a romance that lasted four years as a father of his three children and that his wife had been in the mid-90s.

Apparently, we are a former lover of the woman, we know that the three youngsters are their children. The case was known, Mason imposed a legal fight to recover a portion of its former $ 5 million after the divorce. He asked for his fraud, because he thought he was a father, Daily mail.

According to Mason, after the birth of his first child, his wife suddenly suddenly had Judaism and gave them the second Hebrew name of the children. They were also baptized as Christians. For them, this may indicate who is a true father.

Mason, at the age of 55, admitted that he was a successful internet entrepreneur who had destroyed his life because boys were not children.

"You do not know what is true and what is not, as if the Matrix lived." One day someone tells you: everything that he knew and thought was solid and true that he was not authentic and never existed. You are not a father, you can not have children, your name will not be a legacysaid Mason.

"Through Facebook I still see what they are doing, destructive, the other day I saw senior graduation and I was not invited," he added.

Mason says his wife had deceived the boys as theirs. He was right to question his confession, because he was pregnant after 7 years.

After divorce, women have consistently demanded money to keep children. "While the biological father sets a weightsaid Mason.

In 2016, when he met his situation, he acknowledged his wife for his love, but he did not sign up. He said he had sex 12 times his former lover, but he could not have been a dad because he was always a condom. He emphasized that Mason was a real father, but the DNA text proved otherwise.

However, Mason says boys are the best of the "cold and unhappy". He was present in three consignments, the first and twin in 1995 four years later.

"I'm not my father, I know, but I'm still a father. When I talk about others, of course, after 21 years, he said "my children". Then I have to correct what I have to say and what I have to say: I thought my children, "said Mason.

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