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He tried to steal a motorcycle with a toy weapon and shot him dead

a bicycle with an accomplice He tried to steal the motorcycle from one of the service stations On the other hand, La Matanza shot dead in the Buenos Aires party, a federal police act in a peaceful position.

Police sources said the incidents occurred on Tuesday night at San Martin Avenue and O & # 39; Brien Street in Lomas del Mirador.

The Esso service station warned the area where two motorcycles arrived He has stolen the couple from the disaster for 22 years. Then they learned that the gun was a replica.

The aggressor has achieved the goal but immediately calm, 62, He gave a loud voice. As he did not meet the order, he fired. The criminal made 20 meters above the motorcycle, but then he died.

Lomas del Mirador, a police officer, arrived at a 911 call and checked this incident, while the creditor's prosecutors ordered it through expert reports, but did not ask for a serious arrest.

Then, delinquent with the beginnings of C.D.V., 23 years old and a native of the town Las Antenas, The field is very close.

He confirmed it As a stamp of punishment and witness to the deceased, a 9 mm-caliber gun was stolen by a stolen motorcycle and a replica of two cell phones., which is investigated by other illegal acts of stealing.

Investigate the "Homicidio robado" event, in the next hours, the Thematic Homicide of the Matthew Homicidal judge of Claudio Fornaro, presided over by the autopsy, at the following time.

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