Wednesday , September 28 2022

"He was stolen from the Great Britain Falkland Islands and took revenge …" he destroyed Cinthia Fernndez


Everything has lights and shadows and this choreography seems Cinthia Fernndez Gonzalo Gerber and eleventh rhythm Dance of 2018 He had two condiments. The jury of the dance competition called on the fighters against the Malvinas, got 27 points, scored the second highest score and Marcelo Smell left with a smile. However, criticism came. via social networks.

The viewers are sharp in their opinion and do not leave any details, this time, Netizens warned that it was a Got Talent of the British choreography presented by Cinthia, and they did not miss out on it and settled it. Social networks "robbed Britain of the Malvinas and Cinthia Fernndez revenge for choreography," "Already heavy, boring …, plagiarized and apologizing", "Cinthia great plagiarism", "those who plagiarize to score these punctuations" and "Cinthia Fernndez tribute to plagiarism … ", some of the Twitter commentary laudariales.

Cinthia Fernandez

Actually, the participant had another allegation of previous presentations, and this time the jury did not talk about it, he only scored one ladder and left the score for the next step. The latest Marcelo Tinelli program, since the end of the 2018 season.

On the other hand, Fernandez said that this year they sought out the scandals and conflicts, but it did not seem to be the goal, because they had participated in many wars in the last few games and it was remarkable that Marcelo Polino was the protagonist. Participants and jury heard everything and reflected the journalist in a powerful way. "It's almost unfamiliar, you finished your basic school in your hands," said the spectacle's specialist driver.

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