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He was unable to retire and he was attacked by a worker

A man arrived at the La Plata Bus Terminal in order to eliminate an envelope, but at that moment he found no news about the park. After a little discussion at the box office and not seeing what happened to him, He attacked a worker. Safe cameras were registered.

"He was very calm to receive the package arrived at Pinamar," he explained. FranciscoThe employee at Platabus, Saturday, Saturday at 9:30 p.m., worked with colleagues and other clients.

According to the workers, he repeated several times that the person who was unable to find out was not able to find the envelope, not only when the timetable had ended, but EncoPlata was another company responsible for the shipments.

"He explained that the need for the envelope was important because it was a matter of work"Francisco talked with the news channel TNabout the exchange over half an hour.

Even though the worker increased, he called the park company to try to find a solution to the problem, but on the other side of the phone he was told it was impossible.

A young man jumps the meter and hits the worker (2).
"He went into several stores and came out, and when I said, there was no way he could deliver the package, he changed his face and jumped the opposite."The young man described the early moments of coups, unfortunately, causing minor injuries to cover himself.

The accusation made after the assault of Francisco and the security camera of the company's ticket offices was evidence of the arrest while the aggressor was arrested by the police, although he was expected to recover immediately.

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