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He went inside and locked his baby in the car


November 30, 2018

It happened yesterday in Altamira neighborhood. First of all, after she was arrested by her mother, she regained her freedom.

Photo: Leonardo Guevara.

Alejandra Taborda, 41, has regained her freedom to decorate her baby in a car for 1 year and 4 months.

Yesterday afternoon, around Argandaña, around 4400, in the neighborhood of Altamira, the neighbors wept in the car parked on the streets.

They began to find their mother everywhere but they did not find him until they called the police, the mother appeared and the baby was rescued.

The wife stopped holding glasses and then arrested her.

A neighbor told her Radio Miter Córdoba: "A boy happened and he saw the baby crying, we were looking for somebody, I was inside with nails. He had glasses," he said.

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