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Hebe de Bonafini accuses Antonia Macri and Maria Eugenia Vidal of trying to test their daughter's arms – 12/01/2014's Twitter channel's Facebook page »World MUNDUA's Twitter channel's Facebook page» World MUNDUA's Twitter channel Facebook Page »World MUNDUA

"Did you see these guns used, do not they die? I want to try with a daughter of Makra, La Vidal's children and children and relatives of La Bullrich. Let's see if they do not die. So, I believe it's the only way to believe it, "Bonafini launched on Thursday, May Square, at the traditional mothers' table.

In that conference, he called shredded soybeans before harvest Glyphosate exploits crops in the province of Buenos Aires.

After public statements, the deputies Lucia Lehmann and Marcela Campagnoli, Civic Coalition will go to court to report Kirchner on Monday to criminally denounce "Encourage collective violence"A criminal offense under the Penal Code Penalties from 3 to 6 years.

According to a draft claim, he had access bugle, the legislators stated "without a doubt, we have no typical actions and contradictions".

Elisa Carrió Lawmaker stresses that smoking calls for soy plantations are dangerous. Bonafini said: "If there is courage, we must help people, we must burn up the earth. When they want to get out of the way, they burn, they do not collect anything, to collect ashes. Let's see if a few areas are burning, if they continue to throw glyphosate. "

Lehmann and Campagnolos overcome personal opinions, and simply call on his followers to carry out acts of violence against private property and, in the end, and beyond, those who want to avoid it. In fact, given the seriousness of the incidents, we are forced to promote current research. "

"It's not Hebe de Bonafini or someone especially. It's an overview to clarify what we need to come up with. Retrograde but not dangerous: Violence as a way of making politics. Our stories are dead That is why this rhetoric can not be accepted, it can be anybody, "said Lehmann. bugle.

Campagnoli has said that "violence is worrying about getting naturalized in all its forms and doing abuses. can not be accepted".

Mauricio Macri, the governor of his daughter Antonia and Misiones, Hugo Passalacqua, in April of 2018. (President's Office)

Mauricio Macri, the governor of his daughter Antonia and Misiones, Hugo Passalacqua, in April of 2018. (President's Office)

In the presentation, they also refer to Nazism and how, in Germany, after World War II, they punished any appeal of this ideology.

Does Bonafini compare with the new violent words? "It is customary to teach extreme examples to explain a concept: Nazism is an extreme case, but the point is not Nazism, but Germany decided to discourage the frightening idea, which is worth the rescue: cultural change and punishment for anyone who encourages speech hate", Santa Fe CC-ARI representative explained.

"There are fascist features in any proposal that suggests the imposition of the political concept, which we can not accept, and much less to go freely," he said.

"It's a terrific call to attack children's health in favor of disassociating an idea or policy," they said with the CC-ARI.

"As in the atroism regime that did not spring from the present day to the next, It is called physical and hateful violence against children and without legal basis. Above what is decided by justice, we will not be silent, nor will we be sorry for more hate and division, "added Campagnoli.

"We are representatives of the people and we keep people from these violent discourses and we must prevent them from using the tools provided by the Republic. Judges perform for them"But in Portuguese.

Campagnoli and Lehmann in honor of the life of World War II

Campagnoli and Lehmann in honor of the life of World War II

Yesterday, a mention was also made of the appearance of the Bar Association led by Guillermo Lipera, for refusing the mother's words.

"Hebe de Bonafini's statement is disturbing, irrevocable and illegal, collective violence and collective intimidation," said the organization in a statement.

On the contrary, these statements "overcome the rationality of political action and clearly cover an anti-democratic behavior outside and respect for individual rights, according to the accused of the Public Prosecutor's Office."

It's not the first time

It's not the first time Hebe de Bonafini Antonia Macri, the daughter of the president and Juliana Awada, when she talked in the Plaza de Mayo on Thursday. The 90-year-old leader has been named a 7-year-old girl several times.

On August 3, 2017, he said: "I will talk to the daughter of Macri that we were hungry for thousands of thousands of people in that country," he said, "your old man would not win in good law and you should give it to the boys to eat."

And in March of 2018 he made again: "Antonia becomes a guerrilla and becomes a guerrilla one day, just like he did with Alsogaray's son. I'm half a sorcerer and I will say from here: Antonia, a guerrilla, piba!"

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