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Héctor Larrea confessed that Santiago del Moro was "Intratable": "My daughters will be forgiven" – 05/12/2018


After a few years, outside of television, the last legends of the radio Héctor Larrea, he returned to the TV series, he interviewed Santiago del Moro in his program untreatable (América TV, 21.15). han, In the open heart, a great Argentinean writer said he did not "father good".

Del Moro, in the 70-year-old Bragado predictor, confirmed his story and confirmed that he had never "never worked" in these years, even though he had left television because he was "not counting anything else" – it is not revealed He had to be "loved father."

This topic came after a driver's question untreatable. "Is your daughter taking pictures of you?" Ask Del Moro. Larrea hit: "Yes, today it has arrived in Norway, it's Lauri." The matter already, the commander of the American television cycle continued rigorously. "How did your father go?" He asked.

And Larrea replied. "More or less I do not think I should be my dad. But I think my daughters understood me. and I could not do everything and I had to give an education, "he said.

And he advanced: "At least I came ten." You have to work hard to give education. I think they have received a good education because they deserve it. I hope all children can receive this education. but I do not dedicate my dad's manual to say. I have not been. I have already apologized and have asked for pardon. I went to school lessons, I have to be honest. "

"It was a father, roughly," said Larrea.

After Larrea's word, Del Moro consulted the youngest daughter of the speaker's daughter, who was in the ground, really. "He was a father, he was always, even though there was no act, and that kind of thing, When should she be, "Laura replied.

He concluded: "I feel a lot of emotion in my father's (father) confession. Sometimes, I think, if I live in Norway and live here, I only jump there, given by Martín Fierro or excited, another day, for example, Cacho Fontana and Pinky when he came in. I think it's a great moment, it speaks professionally. "

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