Monday , September 26 2022

His anxious reaction when he heard former statements of GH


A few days ago, Sol Perez explained that there was no situation in the "Combat" cycle, where, he said, he was persecuted by a partner. In the end, he studied the blonde Cristian Uri, who soon defended himself.

Among other things, the former GH said that Sun "knew not how to play a TV show" and threatened legal defamation. Of course, the blonde was not relaxed and spent a few minutes in the KZO program to download.

"It's a rough shit, it's been awakening now, but I've been saying a lot since I left the Fight, he told me kisses for everyone … I was 21 years old and I was dated, but I would like to kiss 50 kisses. I do not have any I need not give a kiss. "

He added: "When they asked me, when I was taken out of the program, when I was resigned, I gave up live resignation and there were many situations that I liked above YouTube."

Before closing the matter, Cristian Uk Sol Pérez mentioned the alleged relationship he had made with a "strong guy", as well as evidence. "What I wanted to show when I was Faena, a legendary wicked man, a deceased, he has no place, he does not live like that, he does not appear." Instead, Sol Perez asks Nothing, picking a glove when someone ever nominates you something, "he stressed.

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