Thursday , August 11 2022

HIV and AIDS statistics will be shown in the country


They will present the latest statistics on HIV and AIDS in Paraguay. Monday will be the Avda. In the auditorium of the Public Health Laboratory Center in Venezuela and Tte. Wring.

Last year, in our country, 1,395 people were diagnosed with HIV and 349 cases were AIDS.

Every year, December 1, celebrates World AIDS Day, and in this context, Pronasida will talk about the progress and achievements of AIDS epidemic. HIV Monday, November 26, at 7:30 p.m.

Of the new 2017 diagnoses, 71% were men and 29% were women, and it was the most affected group among young people between the ages of 20 and 34.

In 2018, the motto of the celebration of the "Memoir of Knowledge, Tested HIV." The aim of the 30th anniversary of this date is to make a population serology study, which allows blood vessels to check their presence, which is essential for donations and transfusions of blood.

The treatment of HIV is essential for the expansion of treatment and guaranteeing the ability of people with HIV to bring healthy and productive life. It is also essential to achieve 90-90-90 goals to protect people from the prevention of HIV, to protect themselves and their offspring.

HIV (the virus of human immunodeficiency) is the destruction of the immune system. AIDS (immune deficiency syndrome) is the last phase of the infection. It's not the same as AIDS than infected with AIDS. It is important to know the difference between HIV and AIDS.

HIV has been infected with the virus, but you do not necessarily need to develop the disease. It may not be symptom (asymptomatic transporter) for a long time. Here, the immune system is weakened by the virus that attacks it, thus reducing the body's ability to defend itself against diseases or infections.

AIDS is a condition that causes HIV as a virus and attacks the immune system so that it works effectively in the organism that can suffer from cancer and rare infections. Here are the symptoms of diseases, related to the progress of infection, the deterioration of the immune system.

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