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Horoscopic week: predictions from 3 to 9 December for all signs of the zodiac – 12/12/2018


Aries horoscope

Mars, the Aries ruler, remains in Pisces, and Neptune joins this week. Impulsivity will not reach you too far. But the intuition that you will feel in those days. It causes energy expiration situations or links, or it is "judged" to establish relationships with people who feel it all the time. If you can not relax, the relationship is already completing a cycle. It grows to grow close, and these days you can do it in a timely manner and evolve and consciously, to create new things you want to enter. The new moon of Sagittarius it activates all the energy of the fire, it prefers organizing trips, internally or externally, vibrates with the ideals. Start the arrow keys to address your goals in the short term.

Taurus horoscope

King Taurus, Venus, the intense Scorpio is back in. This income may open the old wounds of emotional dependence, but they have definitely been closed. When another person makes a sense of personal freedom (when it confuses the lack of love or inadequacy) when proprietors disrupt or break contact, it shows that it is time to review traumas or extreme conditions while your inner child is injured and that love asking for it. Going to the bones and reviewing old models of healing. Remember, what attracts it radiates, to work for you! Sagittarius's new moon sets fire and strengthens the decision to delay them.

Gemini horoscope

The director of Gemini, Mercury, is correct this week in the Scorpion, activating different calls, meetings, emails, contacts, but also charlatanism, abuse and confusion and confidences. It will be a selective challenge, from the heart to meetings or meetings to love, validation and better feeling, and which not. Speaking tires will not be afraid of the mind, and among all these thoughts, surely, they will be the most noteworthy ideas in the middle of noise. Try not to let it pass. The new moon of Sagittarius offers new erasers and, as an anti-sign, reveals issues that you do not want to see before.

Horoscope for cancer

The new moon wakes up and illuminates, it is full of energy for new projects. If they are homemakers, and we still do not have any warnings in the areas where they are ready, it does not matter. These houses can be created from offices and homes. But do not forget the fragments of creativity, which will mix with the new ones. With regard to family and meetings, parties may be locked up, your heart is promised. Do not go, if you do not feel it, or if you prefer something else. It's time to be true and sincere with yourself and your friends.

Leo horoscope

The sun, the ruler of Leo, will bring a quick look to Neptune. Spirituality is activated as well as shadow. You do not know mixes and where to go. They feel dilated or low energy. Feeling requires agility, looseness of intelligence and control, all this stress goes directly to the body. Relaxation does not come and it increases your responsibilities and burdens every time in your life, it hurts you. Activate the healing changes of attitude, for example, ask and delegate, trust in the loved ones. Sagittarius's new moon activates the desirable trips, a good weekend for the development of better holidays and better self-management strategies.


Virgo horoscope

Mercury, the king of Virgo, returns the direct movement of the Scorpio, which helps to get a bit of a poorer or poorer tendency to feel sensual and magnetic. While experts are concerned about detail and perfectionism, this week, they need to be left unattended in a good sense, they do not know what they spend, some flavors and excessive excess, good ones. After the holidays, they will have time to return to the axis and order, but these days, toasts and beautiful encounters, easy and free laughter, to decorate your hair and put on a dress. You really feel. Sagittarius's new moon brings joy and optimism.

Libra horoscope

Libra, Venus ruler, enters Scorpion depths. This all opens up wounds based on "those who say" and cause many others to look like things, and they often do not want to be rejected. If you like many things you choose and do, if you use too much energy for social masks, it is quicker to brighten up and stand out. They are sanitation, and why they do what they see and what they will be important for. Being careful about the word, having good relations and setting limits is very important. The new moon of Sagittarius spreads darkness and creates fires.

Horoscope for the Scorpion

Mercury and Venus spend this week on the Scorpio, while the moon passes through the signal, how much intensity! Underneath the Christmas warriors, and under the clear light of the city, they will feel anguish and sadness. They will see their ability to see over the underground streams of others, and they will not believe everything is shining under the social mask. It's important to use this time to select the scenario you want to close, what you are doing. What relationships and links do not shake with you, in what circumstances and where you need to leave. Use this time to clean yourself and not contaminate too much outside. Search, but tough, some moments of silence with yourself. The new moon of Sagittarius is decompressed, it brings together faith and makes its powers more aware of it to see and see beyond ordinary reality.

Sagittarius horoscope

A new moon of Sagittarius this week, planting time! The momentum of the duration, joy, faith, optimism and the feet of the earth is to plan the movements necessary to realize the dreams on the ground, because, although they are faith, they will not be solved. Strength and strength to advance and their talents and abilities to stop mistrust. It is time to record internal resources to forge plans and goals. It will be a serious mistake for you to refuse yourself and your self-consciousness, to help you get started and prepare to get ready for your energy and prepare for it. Avoid excesses and put limits on them, otherwise there is a risk of feeling tired and running with all the projects.

Capricorn Horoscope

The little moon of Sagittarius relaxes a little, releases them and grabs them with pleasure. On the other hand, Crescent Moon will be a sign this week too. This explosion of energy will bind you to your personal authority, and if you throw power out, it will take a long time to continue if you want to continue or if you feel your boss. Independent work is pros and cons, but it is very possible and very courageous with the strength and responsibility that you manage yourself. Think about it The changes are deep and everything that shakes with you will be reviewed. Often the structures that give shelter are usually imprisoned. What will this proof give to be the body, if there are back pain? Are there too many charges in your life?

Aquarius horoscope

Moon Sagittarius brings a lot of emotion and internal movement. The ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, is retrospective and looks inside. If you're working, if you're doing it to others and from outside, look inside, they're silent and introspective. Here you will find the answers you are looking for. Sometimes we do not have to face ourselves and respond to our activities and responsibilities. The news suggests that they can not delay the inner journey and the silent need to listen to each other. Energy is open to search for answers that are within your reach, not for the environment or for the environment. The intelligence to silence is to be found. Intuition and medium ability are strengthened, the spiritual will always be cured. Stopping should not be stopped, sorted, rooted and better planted.

Pisces' horoscope

Mars finds Neptune with Pisces this week. Action to create time and safe. You, so spiritual, sometimes dream of being awake but nothing comes, it often fails in detail, to go down the ground and be safe. The results are not motivated immediately. Energy will return to some natural moments with today's and not so much future (as you often live). Construction days, blocked after block, joy and effort, commitment and tennis are great achievements. Being careful about the word, having good relations and setting limits is very important. Sagittarius's new moon has a fire and driving ability.

According to Juliet Suárez Valente, astrologer.

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