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Hot metal: cast a couple of a recital for having sex in the front row – 11/26/2018

In full show of the metal band Machine Head, They cast a couple from the stalls because they were keeping sexual relations in the first row.

During his tour, the American band was walking through his playlist in San Diego, California –the past 21– After more than a decade of absence, when an excerpt episode happened that the band sublimated in the way of a tremendous accomplishment. As JAF would say, If you leave your hair in the wind, it is that heavy metal runs through your veins …

Lots of excitement The effect of Machine Head's music had unexpected consequences ... (Photo: Twitter)

Lots of excitement The effect of Machine Head's music had unexpected consequences … (Photo: Twitter)

The thing is that the last-born couple distracted the boys and caught the attention of the pathovas located a meter. If they say charango has sexual powers, imagine the heavy hammer of the heavy … The group tweeted on the brink of the heart: "When a boy and a girl are expelled for having sex in the first row ?! You know that's going to end in madness. It's not a joke! * … WOW, what a welcome we got, we are amazed! Thank you San Diego! "

The information holds that "The couple was retired retired for security." The show – that of rock too – was made at the premises of House of Blues of the city. "It was total madness," metallers said.

The public demonstration of affection fired another ambiguous group gratitude: Indisputably the best show we have seen and one of the wildest and most daring of the whole tour! Thank you all for a UNLAWFUL night of rage! "

A good one for the Machine, since lately the little thing that was learned of them has to do with its phase of advanced decomposition. Two months ago, guitarist Phil Demmel and drummer Dave McClain announced they will leave the band, although the singer Robb Flynn did one covenant of knights with your audience ensuring that Machine Head will continue to play and that "those two subjects" will be duly replaced.

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