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How and where will the departure of social organizations go against the G20?

In spite of the 22,000 security agents that will beat Buenos Aires, the budget and restrictions on public transport, more than a hundred social and human rights organizations announced Wednesday that on Friday They will march to repudiate the meeting of the G20.

It will not be in front of the headquarters of the summit, in Costa Salguero, or at Casa Rosada. The caravan will come out at 15 from Avenidas 9 de Julio and San Juan and it will end in it Congress, after a tour that – after agreeing with the national Government – will be for Avenida de Mayo.

"A lot of people are going to have to walk to reach the meeting point. It is no coincidence that the transport suspension, declaring the assault, and establishing a set of measures that clearly aims to demobilize and that the population does not express themselves freely," he considered Beverly Keene, referring to the Peace and Justice Service, which presides over the Nobel Prize Adolfo Pérez Esquivel.

Keene was accompanied by men and women representing more than 100 organizations, among which they are Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Founder Line, left parties and piqueteros, CTA, CTEP, and other popular fronts.

The slogan of the march on Friday 30 is "Not to the G20, Below the Macri – IMF agreement, Out of Trump and other imperialist leaders,
Outside Bolsonaro, Due to the non-payment of the external debt, Not to the adjustment, delivery and repression ".

The protest was confirmed after the representatives of this group, called "Confluence Out G-20-IMF", resolved in a second meeting with the Ministry of National Security the details of the march.

"We do not agree anything", clarified Néstor Pitrola, leader of the Labor Party. At that meeting, the head of the General Coordination Unit of the Ministry of Security, Gerardo Milman, asked the protesters to leave with their faces uncovered and without sticks.

"This group has no agreement for militarization. We call the population to manifest themselves freely and repudiate the operation and the presence of policemen, "added Pitrola.

The organizers had intended to be allowed to march towards Plaza de Mayo, as an "emblematic place" but were not authorized, because in that sector of the city access will be restricted.

From Security too they prevented them from going through the Obelisk. Therefore, the march will appeal from San Juan to Avenida 9 de Julio and then "will go up" through Avenida de Mayo until the Congress.

Milman had originally asked them to be on Avenida Independencia until Entre Ríos, and from there to Congress, but the representatives of the protesters refused.

Once there, organizations are expected to read a document, but it is still something that was not defined. The anti G20 group was forceful when taking off the responsibilities of security during the protest.

"It is the State that must be the guarantor of citizen security. I can not be a guarantor and less of a government that represses in the way it represses, "he said Pérez Esquivel to the radio Futurock.

"It is a conquest that has made the Government commit itself to let us express our right, but It is not true that it is a policy of democratic coexistence", goes Infobae Juan Marino, from the Piquetero Party, who clarified: "We defend peace, and the Government is violence. Any fact will be the responsibility of them. "

The movements that movilizar people of the Conurbano, like the Piquetero or CTEP, will summon their people in the accesses to the Capital. "And from there, as there will be no transport, they must walk. It will be hard"Marino added.

A source from human rights organizations commented on Infobae that in the meetings with Milman the official raised that "the violence is bad on all sides and that the Government tried that acts of violence do not commit within the security forces".

"I am not afraid of what can happen"he commented Nora Cortiñas (88), from Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, and added: "I have expectations and I hope that the Government does not acts of provocation as in the last mobilizations, with that of putting rubble on the paths. 42 years ago I'm on the street and we never had problems of provocation like now, nor do we answer them. "

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