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How are Air Force FADEA PAMPA III updated today?


Nowadays, local pamphlets that have been delivered have been added and reduced costs Credit: Fada offer

CORDOBA.- The National Air Force (Fada) will now be giving air force to the Air Force in the twelfth century, three US airplanes, IA 63 Pampa III, in which the president will participate

Mauricio Macri

. They are the basic training units of advanced and light attacks and, according to the minister

Oscar Aguad

They will be used on the northern border to control drug trafficking.

Three serial airplanes were the series and the national components were 3% and 12%, in order to save costs significantly. Glass Full Cockpit-Mil 1553 avionics system, integrated functions (Nav / Com / Attack) and integrated weapon management system (SMS).

Federico Faria, Fadea Operations Manager, explained to him
NATION These units are the "new variant of the Pampas", which is one of the 80's and three major changes, and the highlighting of the "cabin" is one of the best features, all indicators for pilots are Digital (one with analogue watches and indicators).

"The information configuration level is more respectful," he continued, "you can configure them based on missions, based on what you need to do." Pampa has little type of aircraft in the world with a current standard ".

Nowadays, local pamphlets that have been delivered have been added and reduced costs Credit: Fada offer

More national

Regarding the increase in national components, he indicated that the supply chain was evaluated and that there were no components, which were high costs and terms. Fade selected 30 items from outside purchased and the development of local suppliers was carried out by the military authority through indirect control of security and technical requirements.

More than 40,000 components of the Pampas replaced national pieces, for example, the dome, the actuators (opening and closing of booths or doors) and cabinets integrated electronic panels. "We have achieved efficiency in the cost of the aircraft, saving US $ 650,000 per unit budget, equivalent to eight per cent of all components, that is, about 9 million dollars," explains Bima.

As he won the presidency, he emphasized that there is a "local spill" of the industry; International certificates obtained from suppliers allow them to sell to other customers in the world.

Nowadays, local pamphlets that have been delivered have been added and reduced costs Credit: Fada offer

The three Pampas flight confirmation stage will be completed in the coming weeks and then the Air Force and the Defenders will be given the brigade and function. The deal was scheduled for a $ 612 million contract with the Fadea Air Force. Currently the factory has 870 employees (workers have been reduced by around 500 to 2016 in 2016) and the objective is to reduce the dependence of the State (this year's total turnover comes from 80%). The Treasury will give $ 350 million to cover the red.

Outside of the state, the company obtained agreements
Updating the maintenance and maintenance of the Argentine Aircraft Division barges
Flybondi wheels. He closed it too
Aircraft sale to Israeli IAI.

The government hopes to get a partner for the production and sale of new Pampas. South African businesses are trading with the Paramount Group and the government

In Mexico


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