Thursday , February 25 2021

How did the UA take place another Mars landing?

TUCSON, Ariz. – A new spacecraft launched a dangerous and high-speed trip and made a safe landing there.

A project from Arizona University detected park parking

Mars InSight Territory

. The new probe will learn how to place it under the Martian surface.

There were many reasons for NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab in California.

InSight was driven to the Earth in millions of miles of space and was safe and dry for less than seven decades of more than 12 billion hours.

At the University of Arizona, Professor Shane Byrne was successful. UA has been very successful.

The UA is the world leader in global planetary sciences. He led his Mars mission

Phoenix Mars


. Once a week

UA Osiris Rex probe

He will reach the asteroid Bantu and begin to prepare Earth asteroid specimen.

Shane Byrne works

HiRise, a powerful camera

Designed and managed by the University of Arizona
HiRise Marsen is undergoing an orbit and analyzing the surface area of ​​the last 12 years. Byrne says that HiRise's orbiting images have mission planners to choose a safe place for land, "and because you do not land on any surface that is not as close as possible, by taking regular images, but from two different angles we also make stereo photos to find out how to surface the surface topography. "

Selected role selection InSight should find the events found. The area is a permanent and stable surface. Mars-quakes will measure sensitive InSight's seismographs.

"And as the seismic radio waves reach out to different types of waves, the surface of the skin is examined and the speed of seismic waves can go to different depths, Byrne says." This information tells you about how the planet's interior is. "

And scientists say that the information received by InSight can be taught to other planets because Mars can be a model for meeting other rocky planets.

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