Monday , January 18 2021

How many cashier banks are charging in abroad?

When you are always on the recommendation that you are abroad while using plastic, and for that purpose, the portfolio is a priority, you need to go to an ATM at the ATMs for ATMs. Therefore, it is essential how many banks are charging for this operation.

Every time you receive the money, you will be charged an additional fee abroad for this service and may be charged up to $ 620 for each extraction.

According to the Central Bank, the most commonly used exchange rate mortgage is Mortgage Costs of US $ 16.34 per transaction, which is currently around $ 620.

According to Survey chroniclerAmong the banks that charge this commission in dollars, Macro is US $ 14.88; Patagonia US $ 11.50; Province US $ 8; The nation is $ 4.84 and US $ 4.36 is Credicoop.

Among those who charge the pesos for the operation, ICBC is $ 99.68; BBVA French $ 72.57 and Galicia $ 50.

At the total amount charged by the sale bank, 70% is made with the ATM company, 20% affects the bank and the remaining 10% goes to the card.


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