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How much ventilation they take and how many months you can spend

And the rise in energy services is rising again among the biggest increases. It is set until August 2019 55% increase. With this adjustment, In Macri era, light will increase by 3362%. In 2016 it increased 507%; 130% in 2017; 60% of 2018; and 55% in 2019, but they are no longer marginalized.

And The first 2019 tour begins in the middle of summer. From February 1, the rate will increase by 26%, thus increasing by 14% in March. In this context, alerts are activated for the use of air conditioning or ventilator, for all users who need high temperatures throughout the day and for heat waves.

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How much air is consumed? It's the most common question of those hours. We know that the fan has a minimum consumption, but it's not enough.

Then if the alternative is air, the range of options will be expanded. minutouno.com Consult a reference in the sector and explain how an energy distributor has explained.

For a few years, those who have a model, in general, are not efficient in consumption, the following must be done: If the device is 3,000 BTU, for example, it has a consumption of 3 kWh. Now, if you activate it at 24 degrees, it will not consume full hours, but much less. In that case, the monthly bill will be 800 or 1,000 pesos, much less, depending on the time of aerial ignition.

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On the other hand, if the house is heated to 18 or 19 degrees, if the environment is really big, the engine will always remain and the consumption will be very significant. They will go 3 kwh hours.

Kuh deserves, according to the two major energy distributors in the metropolitan area, 1.95 euros. So, keep an eye out. But it's not everything. If you consume over 700 KW / H for 30 days, the value of KW / H rises to $ 2.48. And that does not end there.

The energy companies establish different fixed rates of value paid according to consumption. For example, with respect to the monthly quota of 400 KW / h, the 100 million weight base plus the kmh will be paid; now If the consumption is greater than 700 KW / H (air 8 hours a day at 20 degrees a month) Beginner $ 1200, plus kmh consumption, are more expensive. Following this example, Every month the card is between 3000 and 4000 pesos, easily.

On average, Households in the area have $ 1,400 per month, According to a report from the National Association of Insulating Materials Industries. In total, 50% of the house's air conditioning is around $ 700. but All the time they use air conditioning and at a temperature of 24 degrees, the values ​​are called 3000 and 4000 pesos or more.

Calculated by the entity "You can store more than $ 10,290 in a home" If you change habits, you buy a "A class" home appliance.

Label "A class"

After purchasing a new device, it is recommended that people choose a "Energy Efficiency Label Class".

A "Class A" air conditioner saves you 40% of the light compared to the consumption of a non-efficient one, but this is cheaper to buy. However, even though the "A" tagging device is more expensive, "in general, you recover the difference between the cost of the initial cost of one and a half years," says Andrea Heins, former Energy Saving and Efficiency Secretary.

With conversation minutouno.comThe expert also warned that the use of a cooled environment could be used The curtains that cover the sun, so it does not turn the air conditioner on and off.

He stressed: "Cool environments should be cooled down and summer temperatures (winter 21 or 22 degrees) closer to outdoor temperatures and street climate should be dressed as home."

On the other hand, Air conditioning is cheaper than heating with the same equipment. Depending on the technology, heating requires more energy consumption than cooling through the light. Therefore, in winter, the revenue is much more than in summer, if it is heated by this type of equipment.

And because it's preparing There will be a new 4% adjustment in August in August. For example, Heins graphically did not use "Class A" to heat up the air, but from "B" to cooling down to "A" more efficiently listed.

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