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How reduces the charm of the babies pain


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In the study, infants had 40% less pain in their brain.

We can not know what they die when they cry, but in a simple way they can relieve their discomfort.

The University of Oxford found a collaboration in collaboration with the University of Liverpool A baby is infused with childhood brain activity related to painful experiences.

The researchers controlled 32 brain brain activity as a leading blood tester.

Half of them enjoyed their soft ornament on their faces. He showed this baby group 40% less pain in your brain.

Speed ​​is the key

"It may seem like an analgesic potential without the risk of side effects," said Dr. Rebeccah Slater.

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Babies take part in various medical tests during their hospital stay.

Moreover, he concluded the experiment the optimum speed for the reduction of babies's pain It was about 3 centimeters per second.

"Parents keep their babies intuitively at their best speed," added Slater.

"To better understand the neurobiological foundations of childhood massage techniques, we can improve it let's advice parents how to comfort their babies. "

  • The baby cube baby rocks and sleeps automatically

That speed caress activates a class of sensory neurons In the skin treated with C-touch fibers, it was already shown to reduce the pain of adults.

However, it was not clear that babies had the same response or were developing growth.

"C-touch afferents can be activated in babies and we have shown such suggestions slow and gentle contact It can cause changes in your brain activity, "said Professor Slater.

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It proves that physical contact reduces stress in babies.

"The previous work has shown that physical relationships can increase parent-child relationships, parents and babies reduce stress and reduce the length of hospital stay," the doctor recalled.

He is currently planning to complete the group Early childhood analysisThere are also sensory nerves in the birthplace.

Caroline Lee-Davey, executive director of Bliss, early babies and charity patient, this new research suggests contacting parents to relieve pain in babies.

"The skin-to-skin contact that was already known is a difference for baby babies and also helps parents develop a relationship with their children," he said.

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The skin-to-skin relationship binds babies with their parents.

The organization will finance the studies of the University of Oxford at the next academic year Early babies can reduce pain thanks to their parents' caresses.

"Many people do not realize the amount practiced medical proceduresn Nursery care During the hospital's stay, "said Lee-Davey.

"Anyone who can reduce anyone's discomfort in a baby is a big step forward in this field of research," he added.

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