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How to buy a car without having to buy a car – 02/27/2013

Expression "auto sharing" or "carsharing", its English version is a term commonly known in many cities around the world and is gradually becoming increasingly popular in our country.

It's essentially power You need a car when you need it and you only pay when you use it, without having to own it.

Nissan March is the cheapest car for this new service.

Nissan March is the cheapest car for this new service.

Unlike traditional car rental, if the contract is done on a daily basis, this way you can pay according to the schedule and even separate minutes.

This service started Toyota At the end of last year, with the Toyota Mobility Service, and now it adds Nissan very striking with a similar potion AWTO.

Its operation is easy. You need to download an application on your mobile phone (Android and iOS), register with the user image and ID image. Then you need to link a credit card. From there the user is enabled to use the service.

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Vehicle offers will be made up of two teams: Compact and Premium, now integrated by Nissan march and kicks respectively. There is a third option in the case of merchandise, in the case of commercial vehicles, but will be available later.

du fees The use varies depending on the use of the vehicle and the vehicle. Stations will not be on public roads, but it can not be removed and returned cCommercial tickets, airports, hypermarkets and parking chains.

They appear so far 23 establishments Between Buenos Aires and GBA cities.

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For choice compact, charges are $ 7.3 minutes each, $ 440 per hour and $ 2,200 per dayUpon expiration of 5 hours, already paid. A 50% reduction is calculated when the car is parked: $ 3.65 per minute and $ 220 per hour.

Auto options PremiumThey are prices $ 9.5 per minute, $ 570 per day and $ 2,850 per day per day (it's also a fifth hour). The reduced parking lot is $ 4.75 per minute and $ 285 per hour.

12-kilometer travel cost simulation.

12-kilometer travel cost simulation.

In this way, it is a great advantage to hire the service The fuel and insurance costs are included. If it is done at an hour or minute, the limit of kilometers can not be made 50 kilometers. Between 180, if the use is full day. Additional mileage costs $ 4.

You can simulate the use of the vehicle. To use a Compact car, enter 12 kilometers route Within the city of Buenos Aires, the cost is complete 719 weight, one hour and 36 minutes, and a 5-minute car park

This new Nissan service is linked to the Toyota Mobility Services, which has been operating since last year. The operation is almost identical, but the fleet is much wider: from a small car (Etios) through a hybrid vehicle (Prius), a sports car (coupe 86), a pikcup (Hilux) or a luxury (some Lexus models).

Rates are per hour and day and the values ​​are similar to Self. In total, there are 12 stations between CABA, GBA, Córdoba, Mar del Plata, Mendoza, Salta and Bariloche.

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