Saturday , January 16 2021

How to find your double double on the Internet – – Diario de Mendoza, Argentina

We find some photos that we use in reverse image searches. Among its advantages, it can provide specific information about what's shown in the image or who uploaded it.

Yandex It has one of these search engines and offers accurate results for reverse searches.

Your search engine has face recognition algorithms. Just load selfie so that we know in seconds that we have a second on the web. The service is free and it is free, and any user can check the "twins" that circulate on the Internet.

How to search your imagination

Using Yandex is very easy: first of all, we need to have a personal or photograph of our face to easily identify our features.

You can use Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp or any other application we publish on our face. Then open Yandex in the flap of your image and you need to upload this portrait into the "Search Photo" element.

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