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How to share digital games on your PlayStation 5


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Today, with digital games being normal, sharing your games isn’t as easy as giving your friend a record. You may have encountered the PlayStation 4 status, even if you download a game from the console, you can’t play it because the license is technically owned by another user. The PlayStation 5 It has a similar hurdle, but you can fix it through system settings.

The configuration option you’re looking for is specifically “share console and play offline”. Make sure you’re signed in to the console with your account and not someone else. Then follow these steps:

  1. Enter your settings.
  2. Go to the “Users and Accounts” menu.
  3. Scroll down to “Others.”
  4. Click “share console and play offline.”

This should open a submenu that allows you to enable or disable console sharing. By default, after testing the PS Plus with two accounts, the setting seems to be automatically enabled when you log in first.

What is this for?

Those familiar with the PS4 concept “primaryThey will know how it works. If you turn on console sharing, any other account on that system can play downloaded games, even if the console is disconnected from the Internet. As with a primary PS4, you can enable console sharing for a PS5 at the same time. (Don’t worry: Turning on PS5 console sharing won’t affect a PS4 you named on the first console.)

Here’s how it works: An example, Joel, is the first time he’s joined a PS5. Download Ghostrunner, a great game cyberpunk One More Level, and allows console sharing; then he goes, I don’t know, to play the guitar and reflect. The second person, Ellie, logs in. At that moment, Ghostrunner download complete. The game has sparked Ellie’s interest, and although she hasn’t bought it, she can play it because it was downloaded to the console that Joel allowed her to share.

On the contrary, Joel can’t play Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Yes, Ellie downloaded the new Insomniac game to the internal storage of the PS5, but she disabled console sharing, so Joel is stuck. To play, you should purchase your license or convince Ellie to enable (or re-enable) console sharing and offline playback.

In other words, “console sharing and offline playback” is pretty much what the “mainstream PS4” was for the PS4. Yes, an account can have the first PS4 and the first PS5 active at the same time.

Anything else I need to know?

On the PS4, you can turn the main console on and off as often as you want, as long as you do it on the console, for example, rather than from the browser. (If necessary, you can remotely turn off the main console via the Sony website.) Because of the 19 kobid pandemic that turned the world upside down, I’m trapped in my home. Because of this, I was unable to test what it means to switch your account between multiple PS5 consoles and exactly how many limits there are to enable or disable this setting.

However, the system did not warn me of any limitations. (On Xbox consoles, you can change a feature like “Home Xbox” only five times in a year. The console will tell you how many changes you have available). I have had no issues enabling or disabling console sharing on my PS5.

There also seems to be a limitation on the PlayStation Now, Sony’s subscription gaming service. Although I was able to share a console for two accounts, my roommate, who is not registered with the service, was unable to use my subscription. Every time you went to the PS Now menu in the game library, you were asked to subscribe before entering any games.

Beyond that, activating console sharing isn’t a bad thing. For those in a shared life situation, whether it’s with family, friends, or trusted people, activating settings is an effective way to share games across a user console. Or, if you have a $ 500 disc edition, you just need to insert the drive. That works, as always.

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