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How to win the lottery 14 times (legally)

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It is four times more likely than a lightning strike. Stefan Mandel did not seem to have ever happened, he won 14 times with the lottery prize. This was his story (and his formula).

The story began in the 1960s and continued into the 90s. Mandel worked in the Roman times of Romania, where a large part of the population lived under poverty under Soviet control. Therefore, it is possible that the fruit of its success is in a forgotten way: there was not much way to live in this way, at least outside of the law.

According to this scenario, Mandel was struggling to have a wife and two children pay at least 90 dollars per month. As he threw himself on his right hand, he seemed like an escape route: a algorithm That would guarantee the lottery prize.

He had an idea to overcome the unpredictable odds that he worked as an economist for the mining of the Romanian mining consortium. Mandel wanted to find a sure way to win, so he spent a few nights quiet nights at night, finding a perfect mathematical number. It was a lottery, as Mandel saw, "My card is leaving the country".

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The economist said "Applied mathematics is guaranteed to luck"Mandel's start was simple: identifying accumulated prizes was three times greater than the number of winning combinations that was the key to finding a win for the lottery.

That is why there is a possible combination of 3,838,380 earnings for participants who want to have a choice between six to 1 to 40. Depending on this scenario, Mandel would keep that amount up to three times.

Reason was easy: the tickets cost $ 1 (in Mandel's time and links), he bought a ticket for each combination and won twice to win the biggest jackpot. he spent money on tickets.

Of course, following this method, he did not double the money, because Mandel had to spend to cover expenses, that is, because the number of potential jackpot winners could be won three times.

Indeed, Mandel's scheme was complex through iron and logistics, although the basic mathematical idea was apparent.

After determining the lotteries of the main winners with the best combination of winners, when an economist collected a small number of investors each time (about $ 1,000).

As investors had money, Mandel would print millions of revenue in each combination (something that could be done later), and then move on to join lottery vendors.

Then, when a combination occurs, profits will be distributed among Mandel and investors.

Men first tested Romania in their scheme with their friends. He spent time studying theoretical mathematics, earning $ 19,000, earning enough government officials to leave the country and start a new life in the West.

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From there, he jumped a lot: in the United States and Australia in the 70s and 80s.

Obviously, the plot was bigger than ever before. Mandel wrote all the combinations handwritten, that is to say, increased human chaos. The Jackpot in Romania was also relatively small: after paying all investors, only one He had a pocket of $ 4,000.

For this reason, Mandel's margins were generally not very large. For example, he won a victory in 1987, with a value of more than one million, paying investors and taxes and leaving only $ 97,000.

In any case, when it arrived in Australia, it was able to improve its system when it was located. The development of computer equipment in the 80s facilitated the entire economist's process. Instead, the entries are hand-full, the machine can work.

Mandela steadfastly managed to collect a solid investor group that fulfilled these requirements. During the 1980s, Australia won the "lottery union" 12 jackpots and won more than 400,000 in gains before attracting the authorities. Then, lottery laws have changed to prevent future system manipulations.

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Nonetheless, the greatest economist ever came. Approved through the international network conspirators Established in February 1992, he decided to link his system to a lottery in the United States of America (United States of America) and was more than 27 million.

On his ground, Mr. Alex has supervised the processing of 7 million tickets over supermarket and supermarket across Virginia. Even though shop-makers began to process the total reluctance of the amount, there was no individual to buy individual illegal tickets technically, so the plan progressed.

Stefan Mandel's system worked well and, on February 16, 1992, he won the Jackpot.

The Grand Prix attracted interest from government officials, and after several investigations, the CIA and the FBI declared Mandel's innocent crime. In the end, everything was a little luck, some mathematics and a lot of work space were reduced. As Mandel himself said, "Baccalaureate students can calculate combinations".

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In this way, he raised more than $ 15 million (over 5 million expenses). In the meantime, investors made no payments and the trouble came after the bankruptcy. He also attended a number of investment enrollment placements for 20 months.

In all, Stefan Mandel created his own system of perfection and made himself a fortune.

By the way, today's imitator aspirator is very difficult. After the adventures of Mandel, US lottery authorities changed the rules, making their scheme impossible. Nobody is printing any card at home and purchases of cards per person are also reduced.

In the case of Mandel, "retired" currently lives in a small tropical island in Australia. I've left six steps to "Mendel's formula":

1 Calculate the number of possible combinations. (For the lottery that chooses the sixth number from 1 to 40, it means 3,838,380 combinations).

2 Find the lottery where the jackpot is the number of possible triple or more combinations.

3 Each combination can earn enough money to pay. (Mandel collected 2,524 investors to win the Virginia lottery).

4 Print millions of inputs with each combination. (This was legal, now you need to buy tickets directly from the store).

5 Deliver tickets to authorized lottery dealers.

6 Earn money, but do not forget to pay your investors.

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