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How was the surplus fee for Carlos Soto Dávila forensic drug traffickers – 12/12/2018


September 11, 2014, the federal court of Corrientes Carlos Soto Davila (70) Exclusion from prison is one of the most serious narcotics in the province: Carlos "Cachito" Bareiro. He officially under the "jury", asking for bail. And he kept his freedom in processing.

However, the resolution was not free. The federal judge, Sergio Torres, told reporters Tuesday that his colleague, two secretaries and five arrested lawyers, paid for Bareiro million pesos koima Not to be considered "fugitive": the Gendarmerie was appointed as the holder of a ship of 542 kilos seized on September 17, 2011.

It's a freedom of freedom 10 cases The Procurator of Agriculture (Procunar) includes Soto Dávila and his secretaries (Federico Grau and Pablo Molina) for being accused of having been accused of being systematically armed accused "Cachito" "Bareiro, Federico "Morenita" Marín and Luis Saucedo, in charge – in three – 15 tons of marijuana for traffic.

Federico Alberto Grau, secretary of the court Soto Dávila, was arrested on Tuesday.

Federico Alberto Grau, secretary of the court Soto Dávila, was arrested on Tuesday.

According to the trial, everything started as a business business roundabout drug traffickers were arrested to claim money from them.

As for the exception of the "Cachito" prison, the details are scandalous and cheerful. For beginners, Soto Dávila admitted that he faced three years earlier. And he said that, despite being a fugitive Bareiro, he wanted to approach a social worker to his home in order to make a socioeconomic environment.

As the wife of Bareirus said, because her husband was a fishing guide and did not appear on the court, because he was traveling for three years, he left Soto Dávila out of prison. Only with 2016 The Marathon traffic scandal exploded at Itati– When arrested when he arrested another "Cachito", he was dealt with in a federal court in the province.

Interpol capture request for Narcó Luis "Gordo" Saucedo. The researchers believed that they had left the narrown to free themselves.

Interpol capture request for Narcó Luis "Gordo" Saucedo. The researchers believed that they had left the narrown to free themselves.

But the repairs were not only for Bareiro and his people. Federico "Morenita" also had Marín The oil donation system through a court employeeOn Tuesday they were arrested four (the fifth was in prison).

In general, the cost of obtaining 20,000 volumes of $ 20,000 and $ 30,000. But this is only "assistant", in the case of truck drivers, in the second line. When the accused was more important, he exaggerated.

In Marín, July 2016, his wife, Lourdes Alegre, became a member of her team. Marín demanded a demand of 280,000 dollars, imprisoned by his friend, Empedrado-Juan Manuel Faraone (now Judge Torres case), who asked for a mayor, to intervene with Soto Dávila. More or less trading was the constant treatment.

"The days leading to the transport (drugs) coincided with the alternatives of Soto Dávila. The observations were recorded and the prisoners left it for 15 days; They also recovered the kidnapped vehicles. Soto Dávila turns always expected and not judge Vallejos"Maren" declared the corruption of the Morenita organization in "Torres cases".

Partial payments

"Count and give up your money and free yourself. but do not pay in advance before work endsThe interview was recorded on September 19, 2015 and was called "Morenita" Marín and Ricardo "Caballo" Gonzalez.

The latter were arrested after a property owned 600 kilograms of marijuana will be kidnapped. At first, judge Soto Dávila refused to release him "To continue the cause of freedom, it would facilitate contact with its accomplices, to prepare alibis to prevent the actions of Justice and eliminate essential evidence of the facts.".

"Morenita" Marín was arrested in October in Corrientes. He fled three years.

But then it changed. According to an adaptation by Torres, Gonzalez made 30,000 pesos freedoms. The money was given to one of the two secretary's magistrates $ 100,000 as progress.

"Ricardo Gonzalez was not imprisoned, I paid the lawyer Vallejos. Ricardo paid money and paid for Vallejos, paid in court and Ricardo was not jailed. The organization worked, they signed the freedom"said the repentant.

In addition to the witnesses, there is a continuation of the telephone call of the investigated civil servants, in order to analyze the trafficking of 10,000 10,000 people by phone.

Additionally, 4,862 phone-list disks brought in 180,000 communications. Paradoxically, the Soto Dávila court took a large part of these hearings He slept in boxes, for many years to collect tapestries.

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