Tuesday , May 18 2021

Hugo Moyano announced a general strike and said that Urtubey was not part of internal Peronism

The screwdrivers that performed yesterday "said the discomfort felt by the people" said; "No worker will lose any right"

Hugo Moyano, Secretary General of the Deputy Secretary Truckers' Union, it was expected today over the next months he will go "With a general strike, the situation can not stop".

In AM 530's statement, "sooner or later, the leaders decide to determine leadership", he called for a strike and emphasized that "a strong protest" will be generated by people. "

The screwdrivers that performed yesterday "said the discomfort felt by the people".

On the other hand, the government intends to change the "individual" agreement of each unions in a labor reform, "he warned," it can not be accepted by the Congress or voted by Peronism legislators. "


President Macri has taken over Cambiem leaders

Cameroon's union, he added, "will not lose any right of workers," he said.

Hugo Moyano, president of the elections next October, confirmed that Peronism was optimistic for the unity, but warned that the governor of Salta, Juan Manuel Urtubey, has "been unable to" be a party to the political decision to face the parties in the elections.

"In the long run I think we will have a Peronism unit, we will be a fellowship or a STEP, and then we will go together, but we can not enter (Juan Manuel) Urtubey, between him and Macri, if I have to choose the empty vote" He emphasized the driver of the trucks.

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