Monday , January 27 2020



The health minister, Adrián Pizzi, has confirmed a new case. He entered Esquel's hospital on Monday 24.

Minister Pizzi said that "the last patient admitted a suspicious case on December 24 at the Esquel Honda Hospital as a positive hantavirus after testing, the number of confirmed cases is 13 years."

27-year-old youth, the virus is a family of a person who is dead.

Health authorities are "confusing" as a consequence of the evolution of the occurrence, through the urine and sun "long mouse muzzle" urine, which is known to date.

"So far, 180 analyzes of potential damages have been carried out and now there are 40 more," explained Pizzi Thursday. The Minister made the inside of the mountain for the first hours, it was built to perform the multidisciplinary team.

The blood samples were taken to a neighboring Epuyen at a 15-day party. Initially, in the beginning, an alleged appearance began. The health of the Epuyen community (about 4,000 inhabitants), directly involved.

The Minister stressed that he has "thanked everyone for" the opportunity to face the apparition, and the national government, the Malbran institute, the sister province and also the Chilean specialists ".

Finally, it should be remembered that the virus is transported by the so-called "colilargo mice", a small rodent rich in the Patagonian mountain range. Once installed in the human body, the virus generates strong muscle and headache, in addition to fever.

So far, the disease causes five deaths, three intensive care people, another isolation and an observation.

In addition, during the last days, the Ministry of Health decided to extend the special psychological support plan for victims of hantavirus and the rest of the Epuyen community.

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