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Hurry !!! GOG is supplying SOMA Linux

GOG distributes SOMA video games In Linux online stores, but the offer lasts only a few hours, so your copy is running fast over time and you will not have to pay anything. You can access this link to obtain a free copy of SOMA. Only when this article is published a few hours remain, so you should quickly read or read this news …

It's true that GOG works well video games and Linux support, so the Valve Steam shop is becoming a good option or option. We also talk about Humilla sometimes, but to a lesser extent. Almost always there is good news about video games for Stealth and GOG who are coming from GNU / Linux. That's why two places must be taken into account.

For those who do not know this title, say a video game because of an interesting graphic horror story Quite intriguing To stay alive is also confused at the bottom of the sea, in an installation called PATHOS-II. The player arrives at the station in the sand and realizes that a North Atlantic station set is to send objects to space. After the effects of meteorites, these facilities survived.

But now we have to find a mystery with these installations, and we will see that The machines have begun to develop very human characters. If you want to know more about the video game and read about what you have read, I know that GOG gives you free. Do not miss out on this offer, because it's not always worth a € 0 title. Run!

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