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"I am honestly doing a contract for that amount"

End of Paraguay Cecilio Domnguez She said she was "very fond" at work independent technician Ariel Holan and was "proud and happy" wearing a Red T-shirt. In addition, he was not afraid to assimilate his entry into the contract The most expensive club history, direction pay $ 6 million for your 75% pass Mexican America

I saw the most outstanding sentences of Cecilio Dominguez in his official presentation:

– "He fills me with pride for making such a contract for me. I do not feel a backpack or burden. It is clear that Arsenio Erico looks for a national park in history. "

– "I'm happy, I went to the other day to the stadium, I thought it was very beautiful, and I was very much encouraged, because it pushed me."

– "I've seen an ordered team, the ball is very good, maybe you have to think about it, when it's won, because it's hot."

– "He did not speak to him on Saturday, we'll probably be able to see him a day later. I would like it. I feel very good. I am acquainted with new partners and I am a "profe" commander.

– "The negotiation was very lengthy, I found out about social networks, and America did not talk about this matter in the last three days."

– "The last years are from left to rightIt's better when I feel the best, but I can not play "9" too. I'm talking about "Profe". I am very professional. I really like to face it and have the ball. I think they have good shoes. I want to prove it. I think about the America Cup. I will work".

– "I feel physically good and I play well on Saturday if I have a coach".

– "I will not be able to adapt to Argentina and footballI have been trained and I hope I'm doing well ".

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