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"I called this thirty years," Maxi Ghion gave a testimonial and admitted Thelma and Calu

After public allegations Thelma Fardn and Calo Rivero, Many artists complained that they offered support to young women Juan Darths In constant bullying episodes, the protagonist of "Sweet Love" and rape, like Ugly Duckling. From then on, they made important mentions, such as Eva De Dominici, Reina Reech, Magui Bravi, Mery del Cerro, Geraldine Neumann, among others.

In the last hours, Maxi Ghione I told her his personal story and I moved all of them sexual abuse When I was 11 I always called, and now, after 30 years, parents have died, it helps speak. When you have left your Facebook account, summarize the story immediately and leave a clear message to society and complain about this wave.

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du actor After three decades he revealed his probation to listen to and understand this type of more sensitive social atmosphere, due to the great revival of feminism and the struggle for equality between men and women. whose main lemisms can cause maizism, gender violence, sexual harassment and abuse. The denouncement of Thelma, Calu, Natalia Juncos and Anita Co, together with Darths, created the #MirCmoNosPonemos movement, creating a change in every way.

Inspired by these actions, many famous people were told of themselves and revealed stories of abuses and abuses that were silent throughout their lives. It happened to something similar to the Maxi Ghione actor, and that he had to say he had to sleep in his social networks to fear his parents' voice, but now he wants to cure and advance his life.

Among the most prominent feature casts, his followers always believe in those who believe in the victim, "arguably, as long as he believes". I also accept Rivero and Fardn and, as Darthe says, "I'm being innocent, I ask forgiveness," but this time it gets on the other side, since the story of his life is very similar. Finally, he assured that his son told Juan about his pain and gave him relief. A great darling.

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