Monday , October 25 2021

"I have experienced the count of the person," Wisky said


Dr. Sergio Wisky and his deputy from the United States found that at least at least 20 years ago, the Hanta is infectious not only with remote bats but also with people.

Since then Health care practices have changedToday, they use special masks, gloves and sterilized and useful outfits.

"These are general measures for these cases and the health system has not been infected," he said.

Wisky was the director of the Bolsón hospital in 1996 to hire Henta and overcome the disease.

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"At that time, no measures were taken I have been infected with patience he said. I plucked it and I jumped the liquid on my face".

By doctor The ability of the virus to infect other people "depends on the stage of the disease"And today it is difficult to infect medical practice, which is why, when a case of prevention is detected, the family team and the patient's immediate family member are.

Surprise is suspicious You should consult the hospital immediately"The epidemiological block" offers close relationships, says Wisky.

The hospital treatment stressed that it needs certain complexities and "close intensive therapy"40% or 40% of patients require respiratory support. "

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