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"I hope …", the details of reconciliation with Pico Mnaco Pampila

Juan "Pico" Mnaco He talked to him. In Argentina and everyone they gather their reconciliation details Carolina "Pampita" Ardohain. "After seeing a little bit back, we made a meeting and it was fineo. We separated six or seven months ago and contacted the phone, but we did not see each other, So, to talk together, we needed something", story.

And we've been running for 40 years with this second chance: "I love Carolina very muchI learned a lot, he's older than mine and he got me back together. But the thing is very steep. I'm positive and I'm happy. I want to be happy And based on that, I try to build happiness. I hope to work, it's OK".

"The reconciliation @picomonaco and @pampitaoficial is an event that, in the end, shrinks, now he went home and took an image with the fan", post, on the other hand, on the current social network of newspaper Ngel de Brito journalist. For the moment, and "Pampita" did not even talk about reconciliation with Mnaco, Both will spend the summer season in Punta del Este.

Likewise, he met the newly-known ex-Benjamin Vicu, a famous young person from the magazine, "This year was a roller coaster of emotions." Many dreams, hopes, enthusiasm, frustration, disappointment, start over, ssecond choice"And, after a little laughing, I added a smile with the work I mentioned.

And he concluded: "We have not been together for several months, I think that we have made the decision very well and lovingly, so I have had the opportunity to share with someone you can talk to. Love was there, there is always good memory, if you cross, you need to give a hug, ask how your life is? "Does Pico again blur it?

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