Wednesday , May 18 2022

"I just can not see that video" View the shared recording by Jimena Barón!


Jimena Baron thought it unlikely: a "cool" leap for a specific, highly selective public artist, who worked for the general elite, a well-known artist, a tremendous influence on his success, "La tonta", everyone knows a song, and throughout Argentina She was able to reach the houses, the most exalted and humble, the lyrics mines and very entertaining.

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Of course, the young woman who is participating will have to add the decision The dancing for a dream of 2018, which allowed the maximum exposure of the media to become the favorite of the spectators, and, more specifically, the verbal exchange of Marcelo Tinelli, due to its charm, charisma and sympathy, was very passionate about the participation in the cycle.

As if all this was not enough, Jimena was busy, who brings her presentations of her album all over the country, while her personal life does not take her for a long time, which has not had an effect on her dancer, rumors and jokes It generates a lot in social networks (especially in Twitter and Facebook, in most cases).

This active life allows the actress, model, and singer to think of her son, who is likely to hurt Morrison, "Momo", but the opposite and videos and photos that rise up on his own account. It will be able to see the powerful link that Twitter links with and enjoy unforgettable moments outside of the cameras, at home or in family privacy.

However, with loyalty to the militant and honest style, Jimena shares videos and photos that one of her fans shared with her, where she could see some complicated moments for children, such as cutting hair and the results are not expected ; When the shirt is taken away in a very orthodox manner or in the middle of a celebration, it will accidentally fall to the ground. Look!

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