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"I mean a bit …", Fede Bal points against Calu Rivero

In the midst of polymics, the accusation of the accused Thelma Fardn against Juan Darths Rape, a wave of new allegations by artists and celebrities recovered their exact ordeal. Much was remembered as the case of Barbie Vlezen Federico Bal, publicly accused of gender violence. Now, once again, the actress who premiered "Again Together", talked about this position Calo Rivero against him

After that actress With Carmen Barbieri, he decided to share a program "Let's talk to me" (Telefe) to make a report of his exotic girlfriend. At that time, he dismissed the invitation of Andy Kusnetzoff's production, as Bal and El Polaco were there, and "he did not sit at a table with the rappers," he said.

Interview with "Intruders" at Fede talked about the attitude of Calu: "When I went to an airport when I went to the airport, I took the plane and went to Los Angeles, my mind was something else. When I first sent an airport and a message, I saw on Twitter, I did not sit down in Polish and for myself, I understand and I respect their position.

"Because I said things were not thinking, that's why I tried the problem to clean the image that was installing my installation, that was not seen, but if it continues, I do not have anything."

In 2017, the case of Carmen Barbieri was one of the cases crossed with gender violence by Barbie Vlez, but Judge Judge Walter Jos Candela 61. Supreme Court and 61. Court of the National Court passed them.

In addition, the lapidary says: "I do not want to send any messages, I respect my position and you do not share a program with me." What I mean is wrong, because things were not thinking. His position and his campaign, all that denounced all, was said about Juan (Darths). It's good for women to speak. "

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