Friday , January 22 2021

"I suddenly came": Marler's anger was not with Telefe

Susana Gimnez, in addition to her excellent friend, Marleyren Star is one of the drivers Telefe After years of work and personal success, he travels throughout his country along with his son Mirko, along with some of the celebrities called "Por el mundo", and then "La voz argentina". The Bola channel was the most spectacular channel of 2018, and the renowned dancer, Marcelo Tinelli (El Trece), amongst other competitors.

Now, as a stamp image, 2019 followers continue to bets on viewers' new programming programs, began "Minute to win", a format that was repeated a few years earlier in Argentina, as well as Wiebe. Now, I have begun to complete this project so that people can participate and offer a lot of prizes in accordance with the skills and challenges presented to them.

But the relationship between the driver and the channel has been working for almost 20 years, but has been a little bit turned upside down, despite the public's discomfort, although it was a humorous way to launch a "stick" through social networks. He had never been a scandal, despite his strong words this time, his followers were shocked as "insults".

The driver expressed anger that he would go to Minute to see Martha and, knowing that he would return to the Viacom station on January 14, he could not secure the security in a period of time as a protocol.

"I am waking up at 8 am preparing, because I let my son cry out, I'm working and I'm doing a mock evacuation, Geniuses, I came to fart, LPMQLP," disparate Marley from his Twitter account. A few hours later, the driver started recording.

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