Saturday , January 23 2021

"I tap into two days" Special help …

As opposed to prohibiting brakes, Elisa Carrió flourished in a televised interview without opposition to opposition or political theory, where she recognized "counterintelligence", then Mauricio Macri described the "younger brother" and said . The juxtaposing Republican, this could not be in the state cabinet "because I made a coup in two days".

Carrió was not the only sponsor of the CEO, despite the fact that Nicolás Caputo and Coti Nosigliarek had given them the alleged coup d'état, but declared himself "notebooks of defense". – Without being identified by anyone, it is "Government sector" that wishes to differentiate between the fiscal Carlos Stornelli file. "We have to investigate the government and ask the National Prosecutor General," warned the letter of the alleged letter to the temporary lawyer Eduardo Casal. "I do not approach anyone who defends Stornelli," added Carrio, adding that "they want to distinguish them because employers want a great Baratta: repent, a short trial, right and not in jail," Carrió explains. The former official Kirchner is arrested.

"I do not defend Stornelli or his entire career, but the cause of his notebooks," said the deputy, because this is not just the former President Cristina Kirchner, "he reminded," but also Roggio, Techint. .. There are all great Argentine companies. "

In regards to Alessi, Carrio acknowledges that he has known and said that "with my friendship for years" is a person's nephew, the Council, Andrés D 'Alessio, judged on the court judge. He then said he had met with a false lawyer and referred to the deputy Paula Oliveto. The Deputies clarified that he did not believe that the false lawyer, who appeared as a DEA agent, then launched another theory: "The boy sent to Bidone (Juan Ignacio) sent Bidone to me and Aníbal Fernández." The leader of the Coalition of the People talked about the dream prosecuted by Bidone, who said that he had accused "coverage" in the case of Rodríguez's Criminal Law, and linked him to the main agent with the judicial authority.

In the end, the deputy ratified the retirement and retirement policy, and assured that despite the alliance conquered by Casa Rosada "Argentina is waiting for everything, especially appetite, that it is a scandal."

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