Monday , July 4 2022

I want to add another life to reality


"There are as many people as the characters in the world," said Andrea Frigerio, Argentine-Paraguayan co-production "Leal", a recent action drug trafficking in Buenos Aires. In the interview with the phone, Frigerio told how a movie was broadcast for the first time and its protagonists during television, which would be a new bet for Polka 2019.

Actress The film "Leal" is a "painting of a climatic era," everything that lives in the Triple Frontier, I do not know how fiction is ", a detail about this production based on real events.

Paraguaians, Pietro Scappini, and Rodrigo Salomón, Paraguayan director, are the story of a group of commands that deal with narrative trafficking through the script of Argentina's Andrés Gelós, and proposes a dramatic action that combines drama, organized crime and humorous moments.

In the case of Pol-ka, the protagonist's proposal, as part of the award-winning film films "The Illustrious Citizen" and "Red", was shown during the super-production of television, movie theater and cinematic aesthetics next year.

"I will make a film near Fernán Mirás, China Suárez, Benjamín Vicuña, Virginia Innocenti and Gonzalo Heredia. In 1930, land will be a prostitute story and a mistress at the time of immigrants," said the actress.

"Although the work was over and it was very tiring, in this case I was tempted by the story and the character," acknowledged in the play Multiteatro in Buenos Aires, "Perfect Bodies". He invented another television production, but Telefe called it "Campanas en la noche". Certainly, Frigerio's successful year.

-Why do you define Angeles, your character's movie?

-There are many such women these days and in sight. Many people are married to men who make dirty businesses or are disabled and do not take responsibility, they are complicit. My grandmother told me she was a little girl: "I think that those who sleep in the same mattress have the same opinion," I think many Angels take advantage of the economic situation, without knowingly or knowingly exaggerating it, because they know how to make a complicit decision they are without prerogatives and lose their luxury lifestyle . Convenience is able to betray their values, women who prefer Vuitton portfolio and travel to Europe, because their husband is damaged.

– How was your daughter working experience?

– I proposed this proposal to both myself and Fini -Josefina Bocchino- in my daughter's fiction, and it seemed to us to play together. In the first, when we started our trip, we said, "From now on we are working colleagues and we are going to have a management and a group." I did not have to be a coach because I needed to be clear. Of course, we are eating outside and outside of the group, buying clothes and going for a walk.

-Well to live as an actor?

Everything. There are characters in the world. I want to add another life to reality. Any other profession may be another. Reality is so different and contrary to reality. Maybe I'd like to get a movie. I'd like to work in Europe, at my international festivals, my creations and awards have come a long way. Working in France, as I speak French or Spanish, would be this.

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