Monday , May 29 2023

"I will kill your son, prepare …"


Cyrus At the age of ten, he decided to kill the testimony of experts at the age of 16 according to his marsh.

Soledad Marcos is 31 years old and is a mother Cyrus, to kill his grandfather. While couples lived in Toulouse (La Plata) and Soledad recovered his exotic shot, he told her how to live: "We went up and wanted to cut it. But he stressed and said he would change."

that's it Monday sorrow, said Soledad His partner, Juan Cruz Chirino, prefers to take the distance. "I did not say directly to him that he was directly violent," he admitted. his police statement already He joined the judicial file. That's it The supposedly eliminated assassin could be the last and freedom of freedom: The woman shot and stabbed CyrusWhile he was sleeping in his room.

are, Juan Cruz already He had a mother's threat Cyrus through a message: "To kill your son, I want to prepare flowers," he said.

Lollowing massacre, killer He stayed in a home room for almost nine hours and FIn the end, he committed suicide.

Fear: he tried to kill his ex-wife after his death

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