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"I will not feel …" Fede Balé explained why he danced at the door in Dantzan!

It was one of the biggest numbers DancingLaurita Fernandez stood out and was the winner of the 2015 edition, but later in 2018 he was one of the most important absences of the Marcelo Tinelli program. However, at the end of the imprisonment of the young show and show Sofi Morandi-Julin Serrano, Fede Bal He encouraged talk about Showmatch and explained his reasons.

Bal was the guest of the "Por si las moscas" cycle, La Once Diez / Radio de la Ciudad broadcasting the program and the success of Thirteen: "Since I saw it on television, the show was fantastic to me, but it was not too much, that actor He mentioned, and then, by the force of the journalists, he was more and he expressed himself.

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I had a troupe Mati Napp and Laurita (Fernndez), I did not break and when I placed a jury in my chair, I did not think it was a good idea. Because he does not want to see it growing, but because he did not want to allow a debate that he did not want, Fed declared that it was very correct for his partner to deny his denial.

Later, they asked them to return to a dance competition, and it was very powerful to answer: "I love dance, it's a stage of my life, it gave me everything, but now I can not give it anything. It's an already closed door and I do not feel comfortable any other. In discussions, I argue.

In order to change the closing of the note, Fede Bal reflected and considered his decision: "You have to leave the shows right away, the idea is retired and you do not have to sit down and wait. You need to prepare, learn and meet ambitions, based on the race not more than that, he concludes. Thus, the son of Carmen Barbieri showed a solid position and emphasized his decision.

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