Thursday , August 22 2019
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"If Coca Cola is a crisis, turn off the light and close it"

du Secretary General Tres de Febrero and Truckers in San Martin, Octavio Argüello, FEMSA mentioned the crisis prevention process, initiated and criticized the attack on workers.

"If Coca Cola is a crisis, turn off the light and close it," said FM La Patriada Salvemos with the Kamchatka program. "For them, the cost problems are always staffed," he added.

"The government needs to work to reform work and increase the agreements to increase these things this year," he said, adding that "the first one stood up and did not say reform work". "It said," One employee said that the virus in Macri video yesterday was going through the reality we are experiencing, it's a very bad time and it's not the only SME. "

On the other hand, Argüello emphasized the situation of economy and work of Tres de Febrero and San Martín, and explained that "the two regions are making zones and paying the rates is becoming very difficult." "The years were very damaging in terms of layoffs, when several companies dropped two or three" droplets ", he said.

As for the electoral plan, he emphasized that "we are working hard to achieve the union of Tres de Febres, I would like to be a mayor of the town."

Finally, the truck leader spoke about traveling to Hugo and Pablo Moyano in Rome and "they will hold a meeting of the International Transport Federation and visit a visit to the Pope, surely delivering all the country's economic situation and natural reserves, such as Vaca Muerta and aquifers ". "This government brings us the worst crisis," he concluded.

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