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"I'm glad to fill a little dream for me"

Guillermo Barros Schelotti was appointed as the representative of the technical director of Boca Juniors Eduardo Domnguez He became the new leader of the substitute bank Uruguayan national. "I am glad to fill a small dream in a group that is as great as the NationGive us the tools we have given, "he said at a press conference.

And he continued: "We will deliver everything to give as much as possible, and we will achieve the goals that we will take into account, as we believe in the day.. The expectations that start with a classic are a lot and good. But he's gone (his first official match is only after the preseason against Pearol, to get the Super Cup in surrounding countries).

Regarding the transfer market, the technician explored: "Today, all energy is a restoration of the group and understand current situations. What we want to achieve is the improvement of the previous year, but with Ivn (Alonso) about the raw material that we are chatting. That's why we know the general situations, as soon as possible to deepen and penetrate. "

For 40 years, Domnguez has been preparing his third organization. Huracn was the first team coach. Globe was immersed in a crisis, and at that time the robbers hung up and became a technician. Under his command, Patricios Park team won the best international Cup round in South America. Then, he was good and bad at Coln de Santa Fe, and he was two years old.

The biggest challenge for Domngos is the Copa Libertadores. The bag will look for crucial instances of this competition. To this end, the Uruguayan team must avoid the stage of the team A parish church that shares with Venezuelan Zamor, Cerro Porteo de Paraguay and the key to repetition 1 winner. The Uruguayan team achieved the highest continental competition three times: 1971, 1980 and 1988.

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