Saturday , September 19 2020
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Images: Mina Clavero after heavy rain in Cordoba


On Thursday, a storm took a large part of Altas Cumbres in the province of Córdoba. Mina Clavero and Cura brochure were the most damaged places With more than 100 meters of rainfall in water, less than two hours, Drainage was not enough and the rivers grew rapidly.

The houses passed through Altas Cumbres, the storm of Cordova

Floods of the Panaholma River near Mina Clavero

There was a lot of rainfall in the Mina Clavero river. As a result, they stopped cut bridges; streets, houses and shops flooded; displaced cars with water currents.

Immediately local authorities took part in nearby neighbors and rains stopped after gradually declining. Although the damages were significant, injuries or injuries were not and the population should not be evacuated.

Floods and damages in stores and homes

The river floods and high tops bridged the bridges

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