Friday , February 3 2023

Images of Superfinal Boca Bar


Depending on the video broadcasts C5Nwhen will you see? Maximiliano Levy, Member of "La 12", was camouflaged into the San Martin dish. Then he took a selfie, who helped him and published it with a girl with social networks.

Justice investigates Levy's participation or if Boca players suffer from attacks on the stadium.

Who is Maximiliano Levy?

He is a business and is arrested for 88 days, hidden by hidden Maximiliano Mazzaro, with number 2 Boca bravaWhile Mauro Martin was the only leader in the face, he was accused of a homicide case.

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He was captured at the beginning of March 2013, when he made a trip to La Doce in Ecuador. It is closely linked too Admiral BrownFirst team in the National B First National.

Levy was also investigated before the illegal association, in front of the brave Xeneize booths. In August 2014, the National Court issued a probation number 24, and Pablo Migliore, for the aforementioned coverings, had to give 2,000 pesos to Cáritas.


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