Sunday , May 9 2021

Imagine walking around this spider's wall and never sleep again

Photos: YouTube

Do you know what creeping creeping into over your spider over the night is terrifying? Spiders freaking skyman

On Friday, The Guardian reported on the new occurrences in Brazil, where people said they were called "spider rain". Minas Gerais, a video shared on Facebook's state phenomenon, seems to have seized hundreds of spiders. Something like an air straight to your worst nightmare of arachnids.

The video was shot by 13-year-old João Pedro Martinelli Fonseca, according to Terra do Mandu news. Dona Jercina Martinelli, a teenager's grandmother, has said that "more than one video and more than thousands of spiders" appear in video "in English."

Terrible, this is obviously something common to the species bistrita parawixia and in the warm and humid time of the year, according to the Guardian, referring to the professor of Araschnology and Minas Gerais, Federal Adalberto Santos University. These Araknidos, when they are men, join together to make a massive website that they use to capture food. With regards to the "flying" eagle reports, it may be the result of the behavior of balloon aircraft, as Terra do Mandu has said.

The spider uses balloons, catches the breeze and navigates the heavens; Seeing teeny, crab spiders is really quite awesome freaking (even if it's the presence of the heavens, you know, no). And while the reader, unfortunately, I'm telling you, they're hardly "flying" by spiders alone. In fact, these creatures are quite entrepreneurs; also spiders sail For God.

Once human cemetery crashes, Cheryl Hayashi, a spider biologist at the National Museum of Natural History, said that this phenomenon is evidence that "knowing how spiders are developing is deeper", they said literally sailing. over the air ".

The simple achievement of evolution, however, would be pardoned by anyone who had let the spiders fall into the air.

[Terra do Mandu via The Guardian]

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